Gamestop Launches Web3 Ethereum Wallet That Leverages Loopring’s ZK-Rollup Tech

It’s been known for a while that Gamestop was entering the NFT space. The gaming software retailer had plans to launch an NFT marketplace. Gamestop stated that it had partnered Ethereum L2 scaling project Loopring and noted that Loopring would provide ZK-rollups.

Gamestop now has its Web3 non-custodial ethereum wallet. It uses ZK-rollup technology for faster transactions. It will be able to store NFTs in-game, and it can also hold Ethereum-based crypto assets. Gamestop will launch its NFT marketplace in July. It aims to give power to players.

Gamestop Wallet is a secure and simple way to get started on Web3. Your GameStop Wallet can be used to purchase, hold, swap and display Ethereum-based assets. Gamestop Wallet, a self-custodial ethereum vault, gives you full control over your assets and wallet. Additional notes about Gamestop’s wallet:

Loopring’s ZKrollup [tech] is a powerful Ethereum Layer 2 scaling protocol. Gamestop allows you to harness the power of Loopring. Gamestop offers low-cost, fast transactions with Ethereum security, potential, and global reach. This allows you reduce network congestion and gas fees while still having control over your funds.

Gamestop’s wallet, which is similar to Metamask, offers a desktop version for the software. The wallet technology was developed by Loopring, but the NFT marketplace will be using Immutable X technology. Gamestop partnered and Immutable X to launch a $100 million NFT fund.

The privacy policy of the wallet explains that it does track user data. The data collected includes contact and profile information, display names and email addresses, profile biography, Ethereum public adress details and Twitter and Reddit usernames. According to the website, an iOS version of Gamestop’s wallet will be available soon.

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